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The following documents are provided by Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) in support of industry processes and in support of data TRA products. "eff" when used, indicates the effective date of the document; "iss" indicates the issuance date. Issuance date is that of the last update, not necessarily the originally issued document.


TBCOCAG Part 2 Job Aid

The TBCOCAG Part 2 Job Aid is maintained by TRA and provides detail on the fields, data and processes involved with completing The Thousands Block and Central Office Code Assignment Guidelines (TBCOCAG) Part 2 and 2A forms.

Last Updated: 2/20


Adminstrative Operating Company Number (AOCN) List identifies those companies that have indicated to TRA that they may be contacted about performing data entry into the TRA databases for other companies. The TRA databases are tied to the Central Office (CO) Code assignment process and serve as the basis for reporting of supporting routing and rating information.

Last Updated: latest available

AOCN Information

Pertinent information for any company interested in providing direct data entry to TRA databases.

Last Updated: 05/21

RAO Guidelines

Revenue Accounting Office (RAO) Codes are a component in the Central Office (CO) Code Assignment process. The RAO Code Guidelines, prepared by the RAO Administrator (iconectiv), includes background information and describes the means of requesting an RAO assignment (includes an RAO request form for "non-hosted" RAOs).  You may email any questions to the RAO Administrator by clicking here.

Note: Administrative Charge for each non-hosted RAO Code is $200.00 (US) for a 10-day turn around time. An expedite service (with credit card only) is offered for an additional $100.00 for each code.

Last Updated: 01/18

SS7 Point Code Administration

Common Channel Signaling (CCS) Codes correlate to Signaling System 7 (SS7) point codes as described in ANSI T1.111. The codes are assigned by the CCS Code Administrator (iconectiv), per ANSI T1.111. You must complete and submit an application form to obtain an assignment. To obtain further information and apply for point codes, click here or email SS7 Point code Administrator. Related ANSI standards documents are available through ANSI.

Last Updated: latest available

LERG General Information

Field definitions and permitted field values for the current version of the LERG™ Routing Guide. Also contains information on ANI II digits, Vertical Services, and other topics concerning numbering and the data in the LERG. Updates are posted when necessary.

Last Updated: 4/20

LERG Routing Guide Educational Document

A document that summarizes the content and purpose of the various LERG files. Prepared by the Common Interest Group on Routing and Rating (CIGRR).

Last Updated: 08/24/15

TPM Glossary

Field definitions and permitted field values for the current version of the TPM Data Source.

Last Updated: latest available

Current/Previous Product Specifications

To obtain each of the latest specifications contact TRA Customer Care

Last Updated: latest available

TRA Catalog of Products

A complete TRA Catalog of Products - provides more product information than this site, includes text-based examples for most products, pricing and an order form.

Last Updated: latest available