a deep dive into value and benefits of TRA data

TRA data serves the varied needs of local, long distance, competitive local exchange companies and wireless service providers as well as value added resellers, customer care organizations, map developers and other businesses and organizations that depend on accurate snapshots of the PSTN. The TRA Catalog of Products and Services provides access to product descriptions and includes free, downloadable samples. Some data products appear similar but may have significant differences so it is recommended that the product information available under the documents link be reviewed first to help evaluate which data product(s) may best meet specific needs.

step 1 - download a Price Form, select products, submit.

Once the price form is received and processed, an Order Quote, which will include prices, will be provided within two business days.


step 2

After reviewing the quote, complete the Order Request Form, list the products chosen to license and include shipping and billing information, billing method and PO Number. Submit the completed, signed form, along with payment to the address indicated on the TRA form.

It is important to note that TRA products and services are subjected to a set of License Terms and Conditions that are agreeing to when the TRA Order Request Form is signed. These License Terms and Conditions are included with the quoted price(s).

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