exchange data for wireless, wireline, connected devices

If you have a need to know which exchanges (NXXs) are most likely cellular, landline, or paging, the Telemarketing Data Source is an economical way to keep up with this information.

If your company has call center operations, needs to verify phone numbers, performs processing of customer contact information, or needs to suppress wireless or pager numbers from a database application, or other similar needs, you will find the Telemarketing Data Source a valuable tool.

The Telemarketing Data Source provides a front-end application that permits you to extract the data provided relative to NPA NXX (prefix, exchange) and Thousands-Block assignments at various levels of selection criteria. Time Zone and Daylight Savings Indicators are also provided by NPA NXX.

The NPA NXXs that comprise the data in the product are those that are active (and to be active within the next two months) within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area (US, US Territories, Canada and parts of the Caribbean). The product is provided by web download, and is a complete set of data each month.

Note: The data in the Telemarketing Data Source reflects the NXX and, where applicable, Thousands-Block assignments. Companies specify the use of these NXX and blocks relative to their expected assigned use to new customers. However, due to portability of telephone numbers among service providers in many areas of the NANP, accuracy of a specific ten-digit telephone number correlating to the use designation indicated in this product, although very high, cannot be 100% ensured.

The following screen shots depict Multiple Prefix (many records) and Single Prefix (one record) selection screens. The output, based upon your selection criteria, is in ASCII text data file formats that then can be directly viewed or else loaded into local spreadsheets, databases, etc., as your needs may dictate.

Multiple Prefix (many records) and Single Prefix (one record) selection screens

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Produced: first workday monthly
Distribution Frequency: monthly
Distribution Format(s): web download


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