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Emergency Notifications report last minute changes that are not included in the current month’s products. Emergency Notifications are published at least once a week.

Emergency Notifications are useful for:

  • Engineers responsible for call routing and switch translations
  • Network planners/architects to prepare for coming changes
  • Call rating and billing operations staff
  • Recipients of the LERG and/or TPM that need to be aware of last minute NXX announcements (new code openings)

Emergency Notifications report new NXXs that are effective in less than 45 days from the date they are entered into the underlying TRA database by the service provider or its agent. Industry lead time for an NXX opening is a minimum of 45 days from the data entry date. However, for various reasons, exceptions may sometimes be necessary. Emergency Notifications may also provide information of general interest such as reported blocked calls, short notice homing changes, and Rate Center changes. High level information regarding Area Code Splits (dates and test numbers) are provided and summarized once a month.

Immediate Emergency Notifications are the same as the Emergency Notifications. These are immediately issued anytime a new NXX is in effect less than 15 days from the effective date. Emergency Notification subscribers receive the Immediate Emergency Notification service at no extra charge. Emergency Notifications are available by email only. Note that the EN / IEN service does not provide indication of late code openings relative to NPA NXX block assignments.

production schedule

Produced: each Tuesday and as may be needed otherwise
Distribution Frequency: each Tuesday and as may be needed otherwise
Distribution Format(s): email


iconectiv TRA 350x350 production schedule

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