accurate rating and billing for North America

The TPM™ Data Source supports various systems used in rating and billing telephone calls and can be used as a source for certain data related to NPA NXXs.

The TPM™ Data Source is a useful resource for:

  • Those who need to manage NPA NXX related data.
  • Call rating and billing operations staff who need to associate the appropriate Revenue Accounting Office (RAO) to NPA NXXs.
  • Those who specifically have a need for V&H and Rate Center information associated with NPA NXXs.

The TPM™ Data Source contains data for the United States, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Canada, Bermuda, 16 island countries in the Caribbean, and Mexico.

data elements include:

Numbering Plan Area (Area Code) Revenue Accounting Office (RAO) (Bill to/Send to)
NXX Code (exchange, prefix - with block) Portability Indicator
Operating Company Number  Thousands-Block Pooling Indicator
IDDD Capability Indicator NXX Type (wireline, paging, cellular, etc.)
Vertical (V) Coordinate Time Zone
Horizontal (H) Coordinate  Daylight Savings Time Indicator
Rate Center Company Type
Place Name Special Calling Cards (RAO based)
State, Province, Country International data - Mexico

More comprehensive listings of fields and files are noted in text files containing data specifications and layouts, and in a Glossary, all of which are provided with each product.

Download a Sample TPM

Each issuance of the TPM™ Data Source is a complete replacement of the previous issuance. Indicators exist on a month-to-month basis that flag those records that were added, changed, or are to be deleted. You may obtain a copy of TPM™ Data Source data file layouts and specifications at no charge by contacting the TRA Customer Care Center to receive them by email.

production schedule

Produced: mid-month monthly (product issuances are dated the 15th of the month following creation)
Distribution Frequency: monthly
Distribution Format(s): web download

The TPM™ Data Source has data provided in two formats: 
1. Fixed-record ASCII format 
2. A copy of the files in a pre-loaded Microsoft® Access database that permits users to utilize the selection, sorting, analyses and report generation capabilities of Microsoft® Access. CSV file format will be provided in the near future.

iconectiv TRA 350x350 production schedule

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