Operating Telephone Company Numbering Plan Guide (OTCNPG)

Distribution of the Operating Telephone Company Numbering Plan Guide (OTCNPG) is restricted to local Service Providers and their service bureaus. The OTCNPG is provided under license and is not available to the general public.


The OTCNPG is used to support:


  • Various systems used in call rating
  • Processes that involve the NPA NXX data contained in the product


Data elements include:

NPA NXX data RAO Directory Card Issue Identification (CIID) codes
CNA Contacts Special Calling Card data Operating Company Numbers (OCNs)
Business Office data Toll Library Directory

Produced:  mid-month monthly

Distribution Frequency:  monthly or quarterly (March, June, September, December)

Distribution Format(s):  web download

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