NPA-NXX Active Code List (NNACL)

The NPA NXX Active Code List lists all NPA NXX assignments (as well as block assignments where applicable) that are active (in service) as of these dates. Data provided includes the assigned service provider Operating Company Number (OCN) of the NPA NXX, the type of service that is provided (e.g. wireless) by the assigned service provider, the associated Rate Center and State/Province/Country, and a Portability Indicator. Also included is a file that can be used to translate the Operating Company Number (OCN) to a company name. A user-friendly and dynamic “search” program to facilitate data selection and extraction is also provided with each issue of the product. A general information section explains the data in greater detail.


NNACL data is provided in fixed-width ASCII files. This data can be locally imported into Excel, loaded into locally developed databases, and/or read with applications that can read text files (e.g. Notepad, Microsoft Word). Reading and processing of the data is a local consideration, based on user needs, processing environment, etc.


If there is need to reference or track changes that occur between quarterly issuances of the NNACL, the NPA NXX Activity Guide (NNAG), with records formatted the same as the NNACL, provides (only) activity (i.e. adds/deletes, changes to data), and is issued monthly. An integration application to directly update the NNACL data with the NNAG data is not provided due to the wide range of user environments and uses of the data; such must be developed by the user. Due to the vast diversity among user environments, integration of the data into your local environment is your responsibility; however, TRA can assist your staff through explanation of the data.

The following is an image of the user interface provided with each copy of the NNACL. Since data files are also included in the NNACL, use of the user interface is optional. Results from queries generated through this interface can be downloaded to your local environment using various user-controlled options.




Produced:  first workday quarterly (January, April, July, October)

Distribution Frequency:  quarterly (January, April, July, October)

Distribution Format(s):  web download

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